Caustic/Brine/Acid/Salt Recovery System

Sn Aqua System introduced new technology to recover usable byproducts from wastewater. We offer cost-effective and advanced technology to recover whey, acid, brine, caustic, salt etc.from wastewater without using effluent treatment plant.

caustic,acid,brine,whey,salt recovery system

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Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Ultrasonic flow is widely used in long-term measure at the field. It's easy to in water, heating without cut off the flow. It has the advantages of small size, low price, and easy operation and with various function of output interface. It can be used in Water, Heating Water conservancy, Metallurgy, Chemical, Machinery, Fertilizer, Pharmaceutical, Sugar, Paper& Pulp, Steel, Cement Water & Waste Water Management & Energy and other industries.
Sn Aqua Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Sn Aqua UFM
UFM installed in Balotra, Rajasthan