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Ultrasonic Flow Meter Manufacturer in Delhi

Ultra Sonic Flowmeter
Ultra Sonic Flow Meter

Ultra Sonic Flow Meter can realize the flow of liquid, and it does not touch the liquid. The sensor has just been installed on the pipe outer wall, then it can finish  the measurement of flow. The sensor with small volume, convenient caring, exact measuring. It can be used in Water, Heating Water Conservancy,  Metallurgy, Chemical, Machinery, Fertilizer, Pharmaceutical, Sugar, Paper & Pulp. Steel, Cement Water & Waste Water Management & Energy and other  Industries.

Sn Aqua System, one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of water & wastewater treatment plants, recently successfully installed Ultrasonic Flow Meter at Haryana Irrigation Department Palwal.

Special Feature:

  • Large screen LCD.
  • Built I data logger.
  • The built in high capacity nickel-hydrogen rechargeable battery can support the flow meter continues working 12 hours to.
  • It can display cumulative flow, volume flow, and speed at the same time.
  • Choose a different type of bracket mounting, can realize the diameters of DN 15mm TO DN 6000mm tube measurement channel flow.
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