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Membranes Separation Technology for Buffalo and Cow Washing & Dung Waste Water

Sn Aqua System Inc introduces new Membranes Separation Technology for Buffalo and Cow Washing & Dung Waste Water:

(1) Bar Screen :-  A bar screen is a mechanical filter used to remove large objects , such as rags, plastics, bricks& other solid particles from is part of the primary filtration flow & typically is the first , or preliminary, level of filtration.We have provided to fine bar-screen( 3mm, 1mm) for filtration.

(2) Coagulation Dosing :- coagulation is a chemical reaction which occurs when a chemical or coagulant ,is added to the water. The coagulant encourages colloidal particles in the water to join together into small aggregates or “Flocks”& clear water over flow & is then further treatment. We have special coagulant (Sn/1617/sp001) for dosing.

(3) Equalization Tank:- Equalization tank  is simply well – mixed vessels with fluctuating input flow rate and/or concentration with fairly constant output flow rates .

(4) Disc Filter:- A disc filter removes impurities from water by means of fine physicals barrier from waste water. We have specially design and manufactures of different microns size filter which is used to remove suspended particles & also a colloidal-particles.The disc Cartridge Filter is provided for the removal of fine particles of recommended size before the feed entering the Non- clogging UF membranes System. This cartridge filter has a housing in which cartridges are placed.  The micron sizes of disc filter is 100 micron .

(5) Ceramic Micro Filtration membranes  :- ceramic waste-water  membranes  are an inexpensive & effective type of waste-water filter, they rely on the small pore sizes of ceramic materials to filter dirt, debris and bacteria out of water.As with most filtration methods, water is carefully introduced to one side of the filter, which acts to block the passage of anything larger than the pore size. Typically bacteria, protozoa, and microbial cysts are removed but the filters are not effective against viruses since they are small enough to pass through to the other "clean" side of the filter.

(6) Non-Clogging UF Membranes System:-Non- clogging UF membranes is a variety of membranes filtration in which forces like pressure or concentration gradients leads to a separation through specially designed membranes . suspended solids & solutes of high molecular  weight are retained in the so-called Retentate, while water & low molecular weight solutes pass through membranes in the permeate.This system consists of epoxy painted structural steel skid for mounting of pressure vessels assembled with hollow fiber membrane elements. Necessary Control valves are provided with required instrumentation for safe operation. Basic desalination of feed takes place in the skid.

Special features & Advantage of System:- 

1. Flly­automatic control, just need to follow the indication showed by display lamp and basic instructions.
2. Unlimited times of recycling, automatic backwashing, saving time and work for changing water, perform-well in water saving and time saving, stable operation, long service life.
3. Small foot print (3 x 3  ftarea required for 3000ltr)
4. Good quality of production water, the water can be used buffalo and cow washing repeatedly without turning turbid, smell or black.
5. full­ automatic  multi­stages filtration  ,low operating costs with requirement of electricity is 1 kw for 3000 ltr
6. Fully automatic system , doesn’t requires any operator for operation of the system.

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